Wednesday Night Bible Study

Exploring scripture together, Wednesdays 6:30 pm

Mid-Week Bible Studies

Beginning February 2nd, 6:30pm

Come and join us Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm to study God’s word. It’s important to be in the word as often as we can, and we want to offer a mid-week bible study time for you to come, open your Bible, and study along with us.

Current Bible Studies

  • What it means to be in Christ.
  • How other religions compare to Christianity.
  • Women's Bible Study on Prayer.

These bible studies will begin February 2, 6:30pm.

FAQ about Bible Studies

Do I need to signup to attend?

No, we are not requiring signups. Just come as often as you can to a bible study. 

Will I be called on to speak in a bible study?

No, we want everyone to feel comfortable during bible study. Come, listen, and study God’s word with us. If there is any discussion during a bible study, you are welcome to speak up and participate in conversation only if you feel led to.

What if I miss a week or two of study?

No problem at all. Whether you miss 1,2,5, or how ever many Wednesdays, these Bible studies do not require perfect attendance. Just come and listen to God’s word. 

What do I do with my kids during this time?

Our kids & youth programs will be happening each Wednesday at the same time as our Bible Studies. We have something available for all ages from nursery all the way to high school.

Learn more about our kids & youth programs.