Luke Easter


Luke is most passionate about teaching and sharing the Gospel.

Luke Easter is the Lead Pastor of City Soul Ministries. Luke is a native of West Virginia but also spent some years living in Indiana. Luke attended West Virginia University at Parkersburg where he obtained a bachelor’s degree and is currently attending Rockbridge Seminary. While attending college he met his wife Stacy. Luke and Stacy currently have one son named Quincy, and one daughter Eva. Luke and his family live in Vienna, WV.  

Luke enjoys sports, cars, and spending time with his family. At the age of 25, Luke accepted his call to begin a contemporary church, that was dedicated to loving God, loving people, and taking the gospel message to the Mid-Ohio Valley. In the living room of his home, with about 14 people, Luke witnessed the start of something amazing - a church called City Soul Ministries.From the beginning of City Soul in 2009, Luke has led with excitement, much enthusiasm, and to point people to a relationship with Jesus. 

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